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With nationally recognized expertise, the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing is a premier resource for restoring hope and healthy functioning to adults, teens and children who are coping with grief, loss and trauma in the Greater Washington region.

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Camp Forget Me Not/Camp Erin DC 2019 will take place June 28-30, 2019.

Camper applications and Volunteer applications are available now.

UPDATE: We are honored to have received so many volunteer applications from women for Camp Forget-Me-Not/Camp Erin DC.  We strive to match our female campers with female volunteers and male campers with male volunteers.  Due to the high volume of female applicants, we are not accepting any more applications from women at this time.  We are still seeking male volunteers to serve as buddies for our male campers.  We are profoundly grateful to everyone who has applied so far.

In the News

The bad news: Giving and receiving a terminal diagnosis

By Rick Massimo Full Article Here. Wendt Center Grief and Trauma Psychotherapist, Mick Neustadt, was interviewed for this article from WTOP, originally published February 28, 2019. The social worker Mick Neustadt, a licensed social worker at the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing, in D.C., works with patients who have received a terminal diagnosis, as well… read more»

Thoughts from a Therapist: Sitting with Pain

by Katherine Hatch, LICSW In our society, we don’t always know how to simply be. We are much better at doing. The ability to be with pain instead of trying to fix it or dismiss it is one of the most healing ways to support someone who is grieving. During my years in home-based hospice… read more»

D.C. Restaurant Pros Unveil What Cultures Around The World Eat When Someone Dies

By Laura Hayes Full Article Here. Chances are good that you already know what food will be served at your funeral. That’s because there’s comfort in the familiarity of passed-down traditions. The presence of specific foods and drinks is the common denominator at wakes and funerals across various cultures. There’s a somewhat scientific reason why food… read more»